8 Steps to Getting a Real Estate License

Steps to Getting a Real Estate License
  • Licensed real estate agents enjoy freedoms and flexibility that most other jobs can’t offer.
  • Although typically working under a Broker, Real Estate Salespeople can work as much or as little as they want or need to. So, the idea of working part-time as a real estate agent is 100% acceptable — it’s even encouraged.
  • Selling real estate can be lucrative. Depending on the location and the type of clientele you serve, there is a lot of money to be made.
  • Many people who choose to go into this field bring years of strong relationships with people who are potential clients.

1. Understand the Real Estate Licensing Requirements for Your State

2. Sign up and Complete the State-mandated Pre-licensing Courses

3. Get Ready to Take The Real Estate License Exam

4. Set up a Time to Take the Real Estate License Exam

5. If You Don’t Pass The First Time, Retake the Exam

6. Contact and Interview Real Estate Brokers

What Kind of Training Does The Broker Offer to New Real Estate Salespeople?

What is The Broker’s Commission Agreement With New Agents?

Does The Broker Supply Leads to New Agents?

What Are The Real Estate Broker’s Marketing Policies?

Does The Broker Charge Desk Fees?

Is The Company Culture a Match For You?

7. Submit Your Real Estate License Application to The State Real Estate Board

8. Make a Habit of Maintaining and Renewing Your Real Estate License


Real Estate License Requirements by State



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